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Family Counseling: Working On An Evidence-Based Treatment

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Is your family described as a happy and stable family? If you have this kind of family that fosters a fulfilling sense of belonging in children, adolescents, and adults, it is a description of a healthy family. Family is one of the highest priorities and the most vital areas in life. It doesn’t matter whether it is the family you were born with or a chosen family for you, a family can be a great source of comfort, source of joy, and support.

But, what if all these will be on the reverse side? For example, if you have an uncomfortable, unjoyful, and unsupportive family, family counseling is the right therapy to deal with the problem. Life Supports Counselling promotes healthy families with its evidence-based counseling. Current research shows positive family relationships will lead to:

  • Better individual health outcomes
  • Greater stress tolerance
  • Higher wellbeing overall

When do negative sides come in?

Unfortunately, some relationships sometimes are not as simple as everyone would like. Disputes and small arguments are normal and it is a part of living in connection with others. Some negative disagreements start to last for a prolonged period, but they cause significant heartache. It can negatively impact the well-being of everyone.

You may find your family with repeating cycles of destructive behavior, frequently arguing and on edge or withdrawing and shutting down. These patterns are obvious. It feels overwhelming and exhausting. Life Support counseling is here to support you and your family in need.

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What is family counseling?

Family therapy or family counseling is a type of psychological counseling or psychotherapy that helps family members enhance communication and six conflicts. The importance of family counseling is very essential to know. There are 3 goals of family therapy, namely:

  • Improve communication
  • Deal with family conflicts
  • Build a better home environment

Dealing with poor family dynamics for a long time can lead to mental health problems for every family member. It is why family therapy and marriage are essential.

How does a family counselor help?

A family counselor helps treat family members or married couples to help them overcome emotional or mental problems. The counselor provides effective measures to assist or guide family members to resolve issues.

Is family counseling effective?

After participating in a family therapy treatment, almost 90% of people have reported improvements in emotional health. About 66% report improvement in their entire physical health. In a child-parent case, nearly 73% of parents reported that the behavior of their child had improved.

Goals of family therapy

  1. Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries
  2. Facilitate communication and cohesion
  3. Build an understanding and empathy
  4. Promote problem-solving for a better understanding of family dynamics
  5. Reduce conflict in the family

If you have an unhappy family, perhaps you need the expertise of a family counselor.