March 22, 2023

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Cryptocurrency News: What Has Put it onThe World Map?

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With everything stepping into the digital world, life is becoming comfortable as complex tasks get done by clicking on a few buttons on a device with a stable internet connection. Shopping, entertainment, transactions, business, education, fitness– there is probably no field left untouched where digitization has not yet reached.Since the evolution of online money transfers, internet banking, UPI payments, and cryptocurrency have become an integral part of our lives. and people became more interested in Cryptocurrency news.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Acryptocurrencyis a form of payment created using cryptographic techniques to ensure secure transactions.

What differentiates cryptocurrency from digital currency?

Both are online modes of transaction. But why do they differ from each other? The blurred lines between them will get cleared through the following key points:

  • Digital currency transfer regulates in a centralized location such as a bank; crypto transactions can be done by funding organizations as well.
  • The centralised authority efficiently handles issues occurring during digital currency transfer (freeze or cancel the transaction on request), which is impossible in crypto transactions.
  • With digital currency, one cannot choose the wallet address, and also, money transfer information is kept confidential. Hence, the transfers under this category are not transparent. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are transparent.Cryptocurrency news

Why is cryptocurrency preferred?

  • The underlying technique — cryptography — is an assurance of safe transactions digitally.
  • Wallets to keep the cryptocurrencies are available online; this makes it easy for people to have hassle-free transactions.
  • It uses blockchain technology (a revolutionary discovery meant to ease the transactions occurring on a large scale).

Scope of Crypto

Cryptocurrencynews can help make people aware of this transaction technology. Market analyst experts share their opinions on crypto time-to-time so that the public gets to know the current scenario.


Even cryptos have their shortcomings.

  • If the key to access the currency is lost, one cannot recover the tokens back.
  • Various sources of energy are required to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • The value of cryptos is very volatile and make them very risky to invest in.

But until and unless people don’t use these to their maximum potential, it might be possible that their value might get lost in a couple of years.

Having multiple transactions mechanisms is a good practice as one can rely on other payment methods when one method fails. We might not have even paid attention to digital payments if the pandemic didn’t happen.