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Roles Of Hotel Management In The Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality does not only involve taking care of people invited to your home, it also entails how you take care of their needs in your workplace customer-wise. For those who are in the hospitality industry, especially in hotels, it is not unusual to always employ the services of a luxury hotel management group.

Aside from that, hotel management and hospitality are distinct from each other.

What is the hotel management?

Hotel management is an area in the hospitality industry that deals with the supervision of operations of a hotel in a particular location. It does not only involve the management of a hotel but as a hotel manager, you may also be responsible for overseeing the operations of others like a resort, motel or any other organization that provides accommodation and other services for clients.

A hotel manager serves as the head administrator of a specific property and receives support from other department heads.

Hotel Management Group

The history of hotel management dated back to the 1950s when brands like Hilton started to grow internationally.

The hotel management group thus are in charge of running branded hotels and also enables the splitting of responsibilities amongst other executives.

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A hotel management group is in charge of developing and managing the properties of their clients. They build and maintain the property such that it suits the client’s taste. In doing this, they cover so many areas of management including:

  • Running of operations – The management group operates such that they ensure the running of a profitable business. Their duties include all operations from employing and educating the staff, authorizing the purchase of supplies, tidying up the rooms, and selling meeting spaces and welcoming guests.
  • Creating teams – from organizing teams and mobilising them to improving the quality of clients by allowing them to work in areas where they are most equipped.
  • Making plans for marketing and sales
  • Food and beverages operation management

The hotel management group gets reports from the general manager of the hotel and then sends these reports to their employees. The role of the general manager is to run the hotel to ensure a profitable business and also deliver such profits to the owner.

Bottom line

A hotel owner could be someone, an organization, or a real estate/trust fund. They vary and also depend on the type of hotel and the market which could be a resort, garden, motel or any other type that provides luxurious accommodation for its clients.