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Best Structural Engineering Software that you must know

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Best Structural Engineering Software that you must know

Nowadays, in the world of Structural Engineering, many design developments and enhancements arise. Since the start of the structural design. These improvements comprise the use of structural engineering software. This aims to boost the ability to come up with sound and safe designs. Especially when handling complicated structures.

Even if this structural engineering software aids people to make life easier. One must understand that it is still important to have basic experiences and knowledge. Whether it will be theoretical or practical. Since this software enhancement depends on fundamental knowledge. That can only be recognized by Structural Engineers.

Learn about the best Structural Engineering Software

  • SAFE

SAFE is a structural engineering software that exists in the CSI family. It has also been developed to conduct the design of concrete slabs and the design of foundations. SAFE combines a lot of aspects of the engineering design process in an intuitive and easy environment. The layout of the models is efficient and fast.  SAFE is an extremely easy-to-use software for structural designers. Giving all the important tools for the modeling, design, analysis. And presenting foundation systems and concrete slabs.

structural engineering software

  • Pro

STAAD.PRO was developed by Bentley, a 3D Structural Analysis and Design Software. It is also known as the most fully structural engineering software. That can analyze and design almost every type of structure. It can design for any type or size of structure and can work through comprehensive analysis. It also analyzes simple or complex structures for a broad range of loading conditions.


ETABS was developed by Computers and Structures Inc., also called CSI. It is unified building design software. This software is known as the most powerful software in structural engineering. When the concern is about the design of towers and buildings. ETABS is software that provides a set of tools for structural engineers. That design multi-story buildings from simple to complicated. Advanced or basic systems under dynamic or static conditions may be assessed using ETABS.

  • Prokon

Prokon is developed by Prokon Software Consultants and is a commercial software application. It is also used worldwide, it is consists of more than forty design, analysis, and detailing programs. This software is very complete software with a user-friendly interface. The software offers reliable and quick answers to everyday structural engineering problems.

Featured Software

  • SkyCiv

SkyCiv is a cloud-based design software and structural analysis that is easy and powerful to use. It is fully online, doesn’t need any installation, and is compatible with both Mac computers and PC. SkyCiv structural engineering software lets users solve and model complex 3D structures. With capacity handling cables, beam, and plate elements, frequency. And response spectrum analysis for many load combinations.

These are the top structural engineering software you can check if you need one. There is many more structural engineering software developments throughout the years. They are usually made according to their use.