November 28, 2023

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Tips To Know Before Using Hair Straightener

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NuMe hair straightener

To give you the perfect texture for any style’ use a curling or straightening iron. However, there are ways to lessen the harm if you can’t give up your beloved heated styling iron. You can maintain the healthiest possible condition for your tresses by using the appropriate iron correctly, and treating your hair with a substance that will strengthen with NuMe hair straightener.

Making Your Hair Straightening Ready

You must prep your hair before straightening it at home. Your hair becomes frizzy and unruly due to pollution, grease, numerous styling products, and filth. So try the best quality product like  NuMe hair straightener. So, before straightening your hair, you must wash it. To make your hair soft, use a moisturising and nourishing shampoo. Make sure your hair is dry before using the flat iron on it. Never straighten wet hair using a hair straightener.

Avoid ironing the same spot twice.

NuMe hair straightener

We frequently use the straightener repeatedly on a single hair part. One doesn’t realise how much harm this does, though. Instead, all is one swift stroke from your iron or hair dryer to complete the task.

Regularly treat damaged hair.

It makes sense that there might be some damage given how frequently your hair handled with hair tools or products. You give yourself some TLC every day. Choose a hair spa at your neighbourhood salon once a month, and apply a hair mask every weekend to help repair your hair. It will get softer and better for it.

Adapt the temperature to your hair

Try to avoid heating your hair more. Even though it may be tempting to set your straightener’s heat as high as possible, doing so will only harm your hair. Test out every setting on your new straightener starting with the lowest find which suits you best.