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GRC Pits: How Good The Concrete Pit Is?

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GRC Pits: How Good The Concrete Pit Is?

The glass reinforced concrete pits are made from a composite of glass fiber and concrete. The glass fiber even distribution on the product makes the pits be constructed without steel reinforcement.

What does this concrete pit used for?

GRC pits are found in architecture, such as:

  • Features
  • Moldings
  • Landscapes

In buildings, the GRC pits can be used for modular buildings, walls, foundations, flooring, and roofing. In engineering, glass-reinforced concrete pits are used in:

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Water
  • Drainage

GRC has a range of uses because of its chemical properties and strength. It is featureless in exterior cladding. Since it is flexible, it is not limited to one or two applications, but to more. GRC can take any shape or size of the form.

Benefits of using GRC pits

In comparison with the other construction materials, GRC is chosen repeatedly because of the unmatched versatility of the product. However, there are other many benefits to its composition. For example, the ability for use in historical and futuristic applications. Similarly, it can be colored and painted.

Also, GRC can have texture and smooth or left natural in its gray or white form. Here are the significant benefits of GRC pits:

Cost-saving potential. It reduces loading in structures, which makes it possible to achieve significant savings when it comes to building foundations.

Rust-free. The similar benefit of GRC pits is similar to steel-reinforced concrete, but it has no susceptibility to rust. It is 80% lighter compared to the steel equivalent, which improves the material’s energy-efficiency rating. More benefits of using GRC are:

glass reinforced concrete pits

  • Sound insulation
  • Weather-proof
  • Fire resistance
  • High durability
  • Ability to achieve A+ material rating
  • Ideal for renovations and reproductions

Commercial GRC

In commercial GRC pits, glass-reinforced concrete comes in a range of casting options, fit for various projects. The spray-up option of this pit has one application with a liquid concrete mix, which sprays glass fibers. There is another option for this pit, premix where liquid concrete is poured into the molds. There is a hybrid cast where the face coat is added to the backer mix.

Are all GRC pits the same?

No, they are not all the same. There is a manufacturer of this pit using a unique method of manufacturing for use in electrical pits and drainage ensuring all products produced are designed to withstand different applications and environments required. GRC technology will allow for max strength to be achieved in much thinner sections, and the result of the product design is significantly lighter compared to the traditional steel-reinforced concrete without compromising durability and strength.

Thus, when choosing to use a concrete pit, GRC will be the perfect option when it comes to durability and flexibility. One great feature of GRC that makes it ideal to use is being lightweight and fast and easy to install.