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How Much Does A New Bathroom Fitting Cost?

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Bathroom Fitting Cost

The bathroom costs are quite accurate as of 2022. Suppose you want to update your bathroom, it is very important that you go in it knowing an average Bathroom Fitting Cost, or how much the installation can be before you even find the right bathroom fitter for the job.

No matter whether you want the useful space for quick shower after the workout, or relaxing room to pamper and lounge yourself, the bathrooms are practical and functional spaces that you need to cope with.

The bathroom renovation will cover a wide range of the options, from the big jobs such as bathroom renovation, removing old bathroom suite or replacing this, changing out the old basin and installing the new toilet, fitting shower cubicle than bath, and installing the under floor heating.

How long this can take?

Length of the time that it takes for fitting bathroom may depend on size of a job, amount of work done and number of people who are working on it, however we have found between 5 and 10 days is average.

The simple replacement of bathroom suite will be done in just 2 days; however a big bathroom refurbishment that includes moving elements, thus reworking underlying plumbing and pipes, can take a bit longer. The extensive tiling, like ceiling to floor tiling, can add on the work time.

Final Thoughts

Remember that if you’re going down DIY route, usually it is essential to bring in electrician when fitting the new bathroom — and it is very important if you’re adding the new circuit and installing the power shower.